Materialism and Society

How much has the world changed in the last century? How much has technological advancement reshaped our lifestyles, and has made them comfortable? What motivated the industrial revolution in Great Britain that began in the 1760s? How would our society have been without the advancement of science and knowledge?    Materialism, the belief in the importance […]

How to Break a Habit

” Every child is special. Kota me IIT ki taiyaari krne aaya hai, toh pehle apni aadatein badal. Mess ka khana achha nhi lagrha? Ghar ki yaad aarhi? Padhai nhi kiya jarha? Ye problems har saal hazaro bachcho ke sath hoti hai. Tujhe kuchh ban na hai toh tu challenge accept krr. Mess ka khana […]

Age of Enlightenment

Until the 1600s, everyone believed that the Earth is the center of our universe, and in this Geocentric model of the cosmos, the Sun, Moon, and Stars were but lights revolving around our planet.┬áBecause telescopes were not invented back then, our universe was restricted to only what we could see with our naked eyes. In […]