Let Me Die In His Footsteps

Let Me Die In His Footsteps, published in 2015 is the third novel by an award-winning American author, Lori Roy. This novel is a blend of richly detailed mystery, coming-of-age, and highly suspenseful Gothic literature filled with indelible imagery, inspired by the last lawful public hanging in the US. It’s a story whose two main […]

Respect, Influence, Lead.

Gurucool - Great Leader

“A Good Leader Manages, But a Great Leader Builds a Culture That Engages People.” Respect is an innate urge to show consideration towards someone for their qualities or attributes. Apart from its generic praxis, respect should be an obligation in the workplace, regardless of anyone’s surreptitious feelings. Workers, as well as leaders, should respect each […]

What I Wish They’d Invent


Inventions are nothing but a gift of science. In today’s era, we humans, are in a situation in which without science we cannot even imagine our survival. Without science there would have been no advancement, the one’s which are part and parcel of over lives from tiniest needle to prodigious discoveries. If there was no […]

Why is Online Education a Big No-No?

Online Education

As a consequence of the pandemic, each one of us would have surely come across the term “new normal.” As far as education is concerned, the new normal is the increased use of online learning tools. The pandemic has given rise to new ways of literally everything, including education. Across the entire globe, educational academies […]