The Art and Agony of Overthinking

There is absolutely nothing in this world that can worry you as much as your own thoughts.
OVERTHINKING! Quite a usual word, right? but if we think about it, not all of us understand the exact meaning of it.

If you repeat past discussions, live on your choices or get stuck in a cloud of “what if” scenarios, there’s a possibility you’re an overthinker.
In simpler terms overthinking is NEGATIVE SELF TALK

art and agony of overthinking

Overthinking is something most of us do often, be it overthinking about situations, events or any past incident. It drains your energy and consumes the precious moments, of your life.

The whole process of overthinking is very draining; emotionally. Overthinking is basically a situation when the demons of your mind overpower your thoughts and everything begins to fall down.

The overthinking process is not something you do intentionally, but out of your emotions. If you start to overthink it can eat your days, weeks and extend up to months.

Overthinking is a symptom of negative stress and it leads to the dysfunctionality of the person. Dysfunctionality is basically that you are less likely to process.

Overthinkers drown in their own thoughts, they start obsessing over things that have already happened or are about to happen. These people do not know how-to live-in present.

There are times in the lives of overthinkers when the worry about the problem is a lot worse than the problem itself. They make up fake scenarios in their mind and begin to worry. In a bigger picture, there is no exit from the path of overthinking.

Once you start to do it consider your life ruined. These people punish themselves with the thoughts of what could have happened had they chosen differently.

Regrets are a huge part of their lives and they tend to stuck on every decision they’ve taken so far and crib about it because according to them nothing was correct. Overthinkers are smart.

In fact, very smart. They overthink because their mind goes through 1,000 things per minute.

As an overthinker Your failure to get out of your head may leave you in a constant state of torture. Of course, we all tend to overthink a situation occasionally.

But if you spend hours worrying over small matters, then you will probably struggle to keep your mind calm and focused.

This is why we say, Overthinking is a dangerous game and there is no escape to it. One surrounded in the trap of overthinking you have to deal with a lot and only they are responsible for it.

People don’t easily accept that he/she is an overthinker but if;

  • Their energy levels are dropping

All of their energy goes into thinking absolute nuisance throughout the day. They become tired and exhausted.

  • They are losing their appetite

Your appetite might change. Obviously, a person who has got so much to worry about wouldn’t care about eating right? or maybe they would only care about eating and use eating as a coping mechanism.

  • They are not getting enough sleep

Their sleep may take a hit, an overthinker is unable to sleep because OMG they have just got so much on their mind who got time to sleep.

Your body needs to get into a state of calm in order to sleep — your heart rate needs to go down, as does your blood pressure and breathing.

Overanalyzing can be arousing, especially when the thoughts are more anxious. This can pull you out of the calming state your body needs to be in for sleep.

  • They start to lose their creativity

They will become less creative because they will waste all their time just worrying about something that might wouldn’t even happen

  • They are talking to themselves for a major part of their day

They spend hours and hours alone analyzing and concluding situations. It is their favourite part of the day to sit back and think

  • They have literally no peace of mind

Lack of sleep often leads to frustration and frustration leads to aggression so an overthinker is likely to be aggressive.

Your inability to get out of your head may leave you in a constant state of anguish. Of course, we all tend to overthink a situation occasionally.

But if you spend hours worrying over trivial matters, then you will probably struggle to keep your mind calm and focused

These people are a sufferer of overthinking and to improve their situation and further life they first have to accept the fact that they ae going through something only then things can change for good.

Once you realize that you are an overthinker there are ways to overcome it.

  1. It is very important to be optimistic and think positive at all times and focusing on what actually matters.
  2. You should distract your thoughts from your mind. Picking up a hobby and learning new skill can help drastically to take some time off of overthinking
  3. Overthinking is basically thinking about a certain decision over and over again for a long time but if we restrict the amount of time to be spent thinking about a situation or decision it can also help.
  4. It very important to realize that there are a lot of things out there in the world that are out of your own control. Accepting this fact and believing that you cannot do something about everything cools down your tension and overthinking.
  5. You must try and give importance to yourself and your inner peace. Nothing is more valuable than a calm state of mind in this world. Always prioritize it.
  6. Exercising every day, taking a walk or going to the gym can also be done as a distraction to get past overthinking.
  7. Sleeping for a reasonable amount of time without any disturbing thoughts is another benefit for an overthinker to reduce overthinking.
  8. It is always advisable for an overthinker to try and live in the moment. Enjoying the present rather than cribbing about the past or worrying about the future is the best way you don’t have a chance to overthink.

The art and agony of overthinking

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