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Don’t Hide Your Pain

All these years of my life, I have wondered why students can’t maintain composure and poise. Even when I  was at my school it had always been difficult for me to concentrate on my studies because of the environmental variables that constantly affect me. But the fact that we all experience sorrow, barriers, and the worst circumstances of our lives. We all have periods of exhaustion and anxiety from time to time, and during those times, we just want someone to sit next to us and chat about everything—life and everything that is bothering us.

Yeah, I know some people didn’t find one, and you might be one of them because I am also from that category, I used not to share my things, and my distress lead me to a great decline but just for a second consider this: you’ve lived your life up to this point and feel depressed enough to go on a decidedly new road, and you know that success requires discomfort, hardships, and a lot of hard work because wherever there’s friction there will be movement and I have accepted this fact a long time ago that is why I am here at this stage where I can teach people to overcome all these disorders and shine brightly.

Students have been under strain from their coursework, which only serves to exacerbate their anxiety, despair, and other mental illnesses. They are reluctant to talk about their issues with others. Before exams, I’ve witnessed students getting anxious which is very normal in my opinion. Well, I was one of them, my hands used to shiver and then became fearful of the outcomes. They reject the notion that their destiny will not be determined by a piece of paper. However, the pressure that helps you is always better than the pressure that harms your social life, academic performance, or mental health.

Above all, trying to hide your circumstances won’t help you improve yourself.

You won’t believe me, but getting assistance will lead you in a better direction!

Let me explain. When you talk about your experiences with individuals who are close to you or who have more life experience than you, you gain insight into the lessons they learned from living in the same situation as you are today. Plus, you can use their advice to correct any mistakes you make. Life is too short to make so many mistakes on your own and learn from them; thus, it would be the best and easiest course of action to learn from other people’s errors as well, so that you would be prepared to deal with and remove them when they come your way.

Furthermore, I’m aware that you’ve been through a lot and will experience far more, but whenever you feel hurt, keep that in mind — Time heals everything so do your scars.

And always remember that you have the power to win every struggle you face.

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Haala Aslam

Haala Aslam

Haala Aslam, an undergraduate at Aligarh Muslim University, loves to write and explore new ideas. Currently working as Jr. Associate of Content Team, Gurucool.

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