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Do’s and Don’ts of Launching a Startup

Launching a Startup

With the huge wave of budding entrepreneurs coming into the startup world, it becomes very important to know that along with your massive career growth it also brings in a lot of challenges. Yes! Launching a startup can be a cumbersome task, and why would it not be? You are all set to create jobs, it’s huge!. So before you start your entrepreneurial journey you must know what and what not to do. Are you bewildered about it? We are here to help you out. Gurucool itself being a startup has gone through the journey, so you are at the right place. We too were on the same page three years back. We understand your worries and all those questions coming to your mind. Hang in there! This article will let you know what are the dos and don’ts of launching a startup. 



  • Share about your business: Don’t shy away  from answering the questions people ask about your business. No matter how busy you are in making revenues, make sure that you spare some time to share your story behind the commodity you are selling to people and what are the problems you are addressing. Tell people what all your business is about. Sharing more and more about your business will help you convince the people or buyers more about why they should choose your brand. 

  • Secure funding for your startup: Let’s get straight to the fact, if you want to earn money, you have to spend it as well. Many companies start on a limited budget, so you need not be a millionaire for that matter. Just make sure that you aren’t compromising on your launch. It is a very important aspect of your startup. If you want to turn your ambitions into reality don’t let budget affect this aspect.If you are launching a startup make sure that you have enough money saved for the same. Also, if you have a decent credit source, then we must tell you banks and other money lenders do offer business loans. This is an alternative you can consider.

  • Be fierce with your marketing campaigns: If you want to make your name in the startup world, you have to show up. These days there are many ways to do that. This can be classified into two parts, traditional and digital. Ensure that through your marketing campaign your presence is felt. Consumers should be able to connect with you. And if this doesn’t happen, then it’s going to be tougher for your business to strive in the race. Considering that you are in the initial phase of your startup, be mindful of the amount of money and resources you are spending on marketing. Plan it properly first, and make sure that whatever your marketing strategies are, they are precise and fit to your business needs. Digital Marketing has proved to be one of the best methods. Social media is the biggest tool to use these days. It will help you reach out to a larger audience.



  • Dismissing the power of a business blueprint: It doesn’t matter how small your business is, it certainly needs a proper blueprint. And note that every single business out there requires a proper strategy. Keeping things organized and having a proper business plan clearly shows that you have well thought through and researched your idea. The blueprint is not obliged to be very detailed, it should only encompass the essentials. Your startup plan includes your vision, objectives, purpose, marketing strategy and monetary analysis. That’s all! So if you haven’t thought about it yet, do it right away. It’s very crucial to have a proper business strategy.

  • Forgetting to distinguish your startup: There are many startups out there, but how yours is different, it’s all about that. How does your business stand out? This is a very important question to address. Your uniqueness will help you mark your name big and bold in the business world. There is cut-throat fierce competition in the industry. Making your impression against other well-known labels is a big task and it’s one of the most substantial challenges that people with new startups face. So it becomes very important to distinguish your business and be unique. Question yourself, what is so different about your startup from the ones that already exist? What’s so special about your commodity and courtesies? Is it some sort of improvised version of what others are selling?. Ponder upon them and answer these questions. 


We understand that with lots of excitement comes with a  lot of anxiety and it’s okay to feel that way. But it should not halt your beautiful dreams from turning into a reality. To kick start your entrepreneurial journey and get things done right, you can consider the above-mentioned points. But remember, your entire startup journey will be a learning process. There’s a lot to learn as you move ahead. 

So go and get started and make it big in the startup world!.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!.

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