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Giving Back To The Society

Giving Back To The Society

Giving back to society entails reciprocation to humanity which has provided us assistance in welfare and aided us in one way or another in life. It characterizes a phenomenon of mutual exchange of resources and service between us (the members of the society) and the society/community/humanity. It is also contributing to nature, a local community, the economically downtrodden and mankind in general.

Giving back to society is not merely done for the sake of giving. As it is our right to utilize whatever society has to offer us, it is also our duty to contribute to it in the same way. The nature and humanity have been there for us, we have used its assets and resources countless times. Hence, it’s our duty to indulge in acts of kind reciprocity for the society.

These acts can be done with and without a lot of effort. It depends on our passion for it. Even so, it does not require exhaustion of resources and energy. We can donate our time to help those in need, if not financial assistance or assets. We can volunteer at nonprofit organizations, educational initiatives or institutions, shelters for homeless, shelters for animals etcetera. We can also volunteer in the distribution of food and water. We can check up on our neighbors, friends or relatives whether they might need help. Since time is indeed valuable, gifting it to the world might make a lot of difference towards welfare.

Reciprocating kindness can also be an act as small as reassuring or smiling at someone. Random acts of kindness are very underrated but they make a lot of difference. From brightening someone’s day to restoring their faith in life and humanity, these acts go a long way. Simple gestures of kindness like lending a helping hand to clean, cook or even praying for them. These gestures fore mostly apply to our immediate family. These gestures leave a long lasting impression on someone and make them help in strengthening their faith.

Another way we can give back to society is by fundraising or giving charity to the people in need. We can donate to a cause we are passionate about or assist in creating a charity event in our local community. Although, we do not necessarily need to create an event or find a cause in order to financially aid people. We can donate to existing charity funds as well.

A significant act of service is investing or helping in someone’s education. We can invest in the education of a child in need, volunteer at an educational initiative which educates underprivileged students and donate in it as well. We can also raise funds and awareness to help such students.

Volunteering at a local senior center or orphanage as a way to give back to the community can help prevent the feeling of isolation and depression among certain seniors as well as children. Some of the ways you can help include aiding them with daily tasks and keeping them company.

Contributing towards a cleaner and greener environment is also necessary. The nature and the environment has always provided us with resources, we should also make sure to keep it healthy, clean and green. A healthy environment is healthy for us. We can do this by planting trees, reusing and recycling. We can organize planting drives and cleaning drives. We should avoid using vehicles with carbon emissions and which cause air pollution. We should also conserve water by harvesting and reusing it.

Utilising our own skills for the welfare of the society can bring change and it also helps us to augment the skills and builds the feelings of compassion, kindness and empathy amongst the benefactors. When we give back, we’re able to better the lives of the people around us – our loved ones, the people in our community or the lives of people somewhere else in the world. Finding meaning and a purpose in life by giving back to society doesn’t just benefit others, it benefits us. With this consciousness, let’s join hands in creating a safer world for the society to thrive and prosper!

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