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How to Dominate Your Work Space Silently.

Dominate Your Work Space Silently
Ever seen a person at your workplace whose personality screams ‘YES’. That person is always up to something, either work related or non work related. Let this person be ‘Jack’. Whatever work you might give to Jack, he is happy to be where he is, or is he? Human beings tend to create their aura with respect to the situation they are in. But Jack however is so vivacious in his aura that he will say yes to whatever work he is given, why?

There can be two explanations for this behaviour, either he is a very outgoing person with a positive approach and a constant personality or he is smart in his approach and knows when to mould himself into a sweet outgoing person when needed. Either way he is confident that he’s winning the game you both are playing.

This type of personality usually is very common but, you will not see people like him on top of the tables. Why? Why is he always termed so low in everyone’s eyes while he is doing so much for his living? The simple answer is that with all his engagement he hides himself like a scared sheep in a herd. He is out-going but for claps, he is workaholic but only because he cannot handle criticism. He can never ever dominate his workplace because to himself he is the thrill of the party while for others he’s the actual clown.

From his story however, we shall learn how we can be the antonym to his definition of dominance, and be the person who people can actually “look up to”.
Smart work over Hard work
In simple words, Quality of work over quantity. Now, you don’t want be the person who everyone loads their work on because you’re so “workaholic”. There is no end to it. There is no doubt there will be as much work for you as there is for others, but how you manage to transform it into a quality product is on you.

Focus on what work is given to you, instead of leaping on and taking one after another work like ‘Jack’. When your work is limited it’s in itself more organized, leaving you with a scope of quality.

When your work will be better than others, it is a sure thing your aura will reflect a different and better light. You are sincere, focused and meeting all your deadlines, while ‘Jack’ is somewhere around the pile of inevitable workload. WAY TO GO!
Have it figured out with the superiors
Keep on good terms with your superiors. Know what they expect from you, keep yourself updated with work. Try to provide them with quality. Once people realize that you have your way around the superiors, it will automatically place you above them.

To be very frank, some superiors can be a hard task. For this you will need special techniques ‘Jack’ used to work with. This will take a lot from you but try to make your way around them. Not in the ways ‘Jack’ would but in some ways you must put up extras.

Once you are your companies absolutely favorite there is no going back. Just take care that you don’t turn yourself into a sheep like ‘Jack’ just to gain clout from your superiors. This is not always a good idea. It’s like a dose of medicine only taken in small amounts with extra precautions. To tackle this, you must learn the art of saying ‘no’. Wait. This needs another paragraph.
Learn the art of saying “No"
While Jack’s way of getting things around is by being frank and active while totally forgetting about him and his self respect. He has mastered the art of saying ‘Yes’ to everything, you MUST do the opposite. Master the art of saying ‘No’.

Not in a way it’s rude though, you will still need to adjust yourself to things. But when people try getting their pile of work on you, you must take 3 steps back. This will include, THEIR assignments, a project which was supposed to be done with a team or any other work which you don’t directly relate to.

Politely make your statements, never let them get on your shoulders. This will maintain your integrity around the office and will uplift your personality because Lone wolves are COOLER!
Never settle for less.
Sometimes you’re in a position where you know that you have done a pretty good job with extras and overs. But you still are under-appreciated. In times like these you must not consume your emotions and take a negative impact, you must not start questioning yourself and your work right away.

Be mindful of what you are feeling and pen it down. Be professional in your ways and write a simple letter to the head. Making them understand what you had expected and what was left unseen on their part. Relate to their part and try mending things as well.
Control yourself, not the people around you
Don’t act like you’re the boss, stop try taking control over everything and everyone you feel wrong about. You cannot suddenly change the world in a day. Instead, put your energy into controlling yourself. Control your words and actions, be aware of what you are promising your clients and superiors, so that you don’t speak anything that you did not mean.

When people think before speaking, it makes them aware of what they could have said resulting in a good reasoning skill system. People with good sense of reasoning tend to be great leaders and once you are recognized as one, it’s game over.

Now that we know the basics of the learning part, we must observe the patterns and reasons behind our friend Jack’s behavior, why does he do what he does and why must we learn from him?

Jack is the perfect example of an extreme ambivert. He is always looking for a company, to hide from individual exposure. He needs someone hugely to rely upon to be able to open up socially. He is capable of great things with hidden talents, but he is so reluctant to shine out that he tries his best to stay under the covers. His extremely selfless and vivacious behavior is a result of his social In capabilities mixing with his constant approach towards outshining others.
With Jack not being around your block (because he is still behind those deadlines) you’re on the winning side, cheers! But you must keep in mind, domination at work place does not mean to conquer or overpower your superiors or even your inferiors. You must respect each and everyone around you at all times. It is true that ‘Jack’ is somewhat the antagonist in this story but, you should never forget that Jack is also a human being. People tend to put their best efforts one way or another when it comes to earning money.

We must also respect Jack’s constant efforts into making us learn through his mistakes.
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