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How to Handle Monday Morning Gloominess

Monday Morning Gloominess
Countless memes, relatable quotes and hilarious videos will never be able to fully comprehend the collective despair which arises on the first day of the week. Though it has a beautiful translation from its original term which means “The day of the moon”, why does it have so much hate associated with it? This question was answered in a survey conducted resulted in several conclusions one of them being the sudden transition from the relief of duties to the constricted work environment. According to John Mayer a psychologist in Chicago, “People usually get tensed before and during a transition period. Mondays involve transitions, and people get anxious before, after and during transitions. This is because transitions always involve facing the unknown. Mondays – the start of the new work or school week — brings a host of unknowns that we have to face.”

Since the root cause of this issue is known, several solutions have been devised to help the victims of Monday to tackle their Monday blues. Many of these solutions are based on an individualistic level which can be applied to a mass that consists of a workplace or any other environment wherein teamwork is required.
1. Follow a self-care routine over the weekend
By this, it doesn’t mean that a ten-step skincare routine or a bubble bath is a must (although it counts). You can help your tired soul by practising meditation, eating your favourite comfort food, planning a day out with your genuine friends or even detoxing from social media.
2. Don’t mess with your sleep cycle
The unruly temptation of staying up all night to watch a movie or stay a night out messes up the biological clock of the body leading to an unhealthy amount of sleep which can result in various health complications, it is therefore advised to not pull all-nighters for self-indulgence.
3. Write down your worries
Sometimes the overwhelming number of deadlines and tasks might seem impossible to complete which can lead to stress building up over the weekend resulting in a weekend filled with detestation of going back to work. Writing down the issues at hand and devising an efficient plan by breaking those tasks into smaller ones that can be completed over a period of time can help immensely.
4. See it as a new week with many potential opportunities
The main game to win is of the psychology of your mindset which wants you to believe “oh not to work again” plan activities for the entire week that can help you combat the monotonous routine of work life.
5. Don’t bring your work home
If you work in a setting that requires you to work from home, create a corner for this purpose. Try not to incorporate the work environment in your safe space. This will result in despising your safe zone which provides you comfort.
6. Try not to hold off work till the last moment.
Procrastination can be your biggest enemy when you’re trying to get on the schedule. Holding given tasks until the last moment causes the stress to pile up in your subconscious mind which leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction even when you are doing a task you love.
7. Consider getting therapy.
Reading articles on a blog site might grant you’re a few tips and tricks here and there. Bu the real solution can be reached when the root cause of the problem is identified. And for this course seek the help of a professional who can help you out by sorting the internal matters which led to this consequence.
8. Change your job
This might be the advice your therapist will also agree on if none of the advice work. Many times the problem isn’t you but it’s the environment that you’re made to fit in. The workplace might consist of colleagues who aren’t good for your mental health or maybe the boss is too much of a headache. Since it’s not possible to go around schooling everyone for the betterment of their and others wellbeing, it’s suggested that you revamp your resume and apply to positions that are meant to be yours.
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