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Interstellar – Movie Review

Interstellar Movie
Are you the one who gets curious about black holes, gravity, Murphy’s law etc?
Are you a science enthusiast?

If yes, then you should watch the movie “Interstellar” 

Interstellar is an epic science fiction film (2114), co-written, directed, and produced by Christopher Nolan. It features Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, and Michael Caine. The fiction is set in a dystopian future where humanity is battling to survive, the film follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole near Saturn in search of a new home for mankind and to save all the people of Earth.

Are you wondering what interstellar means? Interstellar is an adjective that infers the space between the stars.

You can say that “Interstellar” is the most and least perplexing movie that Christopher Nolan has ever made. Some of the astrophysics is real; all of it is mystifying in the movie. 

The story commences with the notion that, In near future, the earth is getting polluted and exhausted of resources due to which there are frequent dust storms which resulted in the extinction of crops like wheat, rice, etc. So, In a period when they needed farmers more than engineers their only hopes for survival relied on either saving the crops with biotechnology or finding a place for humans on another planet to save them. The second chance is what is illustrated in the movie where mankind is striving to find another inhabitable planet nearby with the support of science and technology.

Now even this project has further 2 plans, first is finding a planet adequate for human life and the second is taking the varied gene-culture of humans to another planet and growing them there leaving all humans behind. The second option was what the professor (the old guy in the movie) was thinking about.

Now the thing where this movie becomes complicated is when you see the ghosts and gravitational anomaly in Murph’s room. This film dealt with a kind of time travel paradox, also known as the predestination paradox in which a person travels back in time to prevent some event but accidentally results in prompting the very same event. This kind of paradox is also seen in other movies, even in Bollywood.

Now NASA was exploring for life for a long time by sending manned missions to several planets through a wormhole near the planet of Saturn. NASA then sent 12 missions to 12 various planets. Their mission was to deliver a signal back to the earth when they discover any sign of life on a planet and go to long cryo sleep afterward waiting for someone else to come and rescue them. The signal needs to be sent through robots. 

Now the things where it starts becoming tricky are when you experience relativity. It’s a concept Einstein, Einstein’s theory gets its name because it describes how measurements of space and time differ for observers moving relative to one another. In simple words, you just try to get this, as you go near a planet with more gravity your time slows down. Now, as they were near Miller’s planet (which is named after the person who first went there and sent data back to the earth) orbiting a black hole their few hours were years on earth. It means if you even spend a few hours on that planet, it will be years on the earth. After this, they decided to go to Mann’s planet.

This is the point where situations get interesting. Also, this part is one of the favorites of the story for many of us. As they wake doctor Mann from the cryo sleep, he explains to them the stats about the planet and how it indicates prospects of life and water. He was faking all the data so that someone could come and rescue him as he was stuck there. But the truth was, there were no prospects of life on that planet.

Then, in the end, Cooper got inside the wormhole and escaped from Gargantua’s pull. This is where things came to be even more complex. He ended up inside a 3D projection of a 5D space developed by humans of the future. It was a projection of all the incidents in that bedroom of her daughter Murph. And the only thing that could flow across dimensions is the effect of gravity. This is where he attempts to stop himself from going to space as he realizes there is no life on any planet. Thus, he begins transmitting signals like coordinates of NASA, sending signals in morse code to stay there. He somehow requests his daughter “Don’t let me leave, Murph”.In the meantime, Cooper contacted the TARS computer that had the equation of gravity. Cooper transmits it through morse code channeling that thing into the second hand of the watch. Fortunately, his daughter cracks that code and solves the equation of gravity which was unifying the gravity equation on quantum as well as relativistic scale. At last, he is rescued by astronauts who are finally orbiting near Saturn in a giant spaceship.

This movie will give you chills at many points it will confuse and excite you, at the same time. Just try to grasp the little knowledge about the science, and you’re all set to watch this movie with popcorns.

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