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Online Meeting Etiquettes

Online Meeting Etiquettes

The things that struck online meetings are “am I audible?”, online PPT and catch up meetings on weekends. Surely not a fascinating scenario as your work life is intermingled with personal life. The smart move is to match the vibes of the workspace by following the classic rule book of etiquettes. This will not only give you a feel of working space but also make you mentally alert.


The number one thing that everyone sticks to is time. Utmost care of people’s time should be given. It is advised to reach early in the meeting. It is better to check malfunctions and connectivity before entering into the meeting.


If you are new to the team or have been placed in a new team, firstly introduce yourself and let others open up so that a friendly start is given to carry forward the planned course of action.


Wearing pajamas and a shirt with unkempt hair can be tempting but this laid back approach is not advisable during the meeting. One should dress formally from head to toe not only this creates an impression but also keeps your mind in the work zone and alert. Checks should be a complete no, as it creates an illusion. One should opt for plain and neutral colors.


It is not possible for everyone to have a separate workspace in their home. It is advisable to keep the room tidy and remove unnecessary frames from the backdrop. It is also advisable to not show bed during the meeting. There is also the option of blurring the backdrop.


If there is no need to speak up it is advised to keep your mic off as it creates unnecessary noise and disturbs the whole flow. Do not interrupt someone while speaking, let them complete and then keep your point.


It is advisable to leave the meeting only when the host asks so. Joining and rejoining constantly can make an impression of disinterest and insult. If there is some network issue then it should be then and there addressed.


Surely chats are more convenient to keep your point and grab the attention of the speaker. But chats should not become your note making journal. If you want to make notes, grab a pen and paper.


Studies show that a person is fully efficient when he is focused on a single task. Online meetings can be stretchy and monotonous if the conversation is one sided but to be efficient in work one should block the distractions. Muting the notification, silencing the phone can be done.


Breaks are important to keep the audience engaged. The presentation should be bifurcated into parts and certain time intervals should be given for refreshments. A stretchy PPT for an hour will be exhausting for the speaker and audience.


Comprehending the conclusion is important and it recapitulates the main points and gives a kick start for the further course of action. This also helps people who have missed something due to lag or other troubleshooting.
Online meetings have risen to the peak. There were 100million new downloads for Google meet and it will only increase in the coming years as it has made the possibility of remote work in a doable manner. It’s high time to visit the rule book of etiquette and ace the meetings like a gentleman.

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