Escaping The Habit Trap

You are solving a word-problem and you need to add three 3-digit numbers to arrive at the solution. How do you do it? Do you do it orally or do you quickly pick up your pencil and do the math? Well, I tend to do the latter and I have been trying to get rid […]

Don’t Hide Your Pain

All these years of my life, I have wondered why students can’t maintain composure and poise. Even when I  was at my school it had always been difficult for me to concentrate on my studies because of the environmental variables that constantly affect me. But the fact that we all experience sorrow, barriers, and the […]

Prioritise Your Sleep

Ah, Sleep! A seemingly endless list of benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health. Even so, many people do not prioritise it as they should. The population of teenagers is still very uninterested in focusing on this topic and they won’t realise how harmful it is in the long run. Sleep-deprived people are always less […]

What Is Lacking In Education

One of the major challenges we face in creating a better world is giving young people an education that is more relevant to their lives. We are all now aware that education must encompass actual experiences rather than simply mechanical memorising of disjointed facts. It ought to assist kids to develop their natural talents and […]