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What is the Educational Universe?

Educational Universe

The educational universe is putting together tools and features making it easier for learners to educate themselves withdrawing the need for a systematic education system. In the recent pandemic, we have seen major developments in the education sector, which has enormously changed the way people learn. Gurucool, in its own way is working towards presenting a holistic method of education that caters to the emotional, social, academic, and ethical needs of the student, eventually looking forward to the goal of transforming the way people learn, and making it more accessible and giving the student the freedom to study in their own space and time.


When we think about Universe what strikes the mind is different galaxies, asteroids, meteors, black holes all in different spaces but adjusting coherently. Educational Universe is an amalgamation of bits and pieces to make education simple and lucid for both the educator and learner. There is no watertight schedule to complete a course one can learn in their own space and time. Sounds exciting and cool?  

Well, the cool founders have inculcated this and made Gurucool in 2019. As the universe is expanding and degenerating to form a better version, Gurucool too is evolving with its launch of Paadhaई 2.0. 

Let’s dwell in the educational universe of Gurucool – where, schools and colleges have a platform to build their own digital infrastructure for learners to find, connect and learn from them. 

This will not only give access to the course material of reputed institutions in one space and one-click but will also empower students from marginalized sections to access the information for free. Hence bridging the gap of economic disparity in education. 

The option of ‘phygital’ is the magnum opus of the Gurucool eduverse. Students are not only taught in ‘physical’, the conventional method and the best way to get instant feedback from the student but also in ‘digital’ mode to keep up with the new technology and ease of students. Assessment of learner is done with real-time feedback for enhancement. There is complete flexibility for the students it’s about the convince and choice, not an imposition.

Now let’s look at the role of cool educators who are the spinal cord of this progeny. The rule is simple “Takiawatanga” Maori word for Autism; “in your own space and time”. They can create their tuition plan with suitable recommendations & 0% commission. The educators can make their brand, advertise and monetize. Educators are influencers in this educational universe. The educators are influencing and guiding the learners for not just scoring good marks and cracking prestigious exams but making them aware of cutting-edge technology and skill development.

The educational universe is a place for the holistic development of people related to it and Gurucool is a progeny of it. The classroom is phygital, coaching for prestigious exams pan India and foreign language. Access to the library and different events are conducted to engage the learners and workers. Also, workshop to build the curious nature and awareness related to different issues.

 Skill development and placement are focused on the growth of career and surviving and putting an imprint in the fast-paced world.  Students are molded in such a way that they suffice the need of the market which was missing in the conventional method of education.  The power of questioning is being imbibed by the associates. There is no scope for sheep flock, the goal is crystal clear and influencers and learners are welcome for a change.

 The outbreak of pandemic has given the indication for change and the change is coming. The educational universe has the power for the revolution that will change the course of education forever and these are just baby steps the long jump is yet to come.

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