Origin of Despair

The term despair originates from the Latin word “desperare”, which signifies “down from hope”. The notion of despair in any manner can not only impact an individual but can also emerge and dissipate through social communities. But what leads to despair? What are those factors which push down an individual’s morale and lead to a feeling of […]

Homeschooling: Impact and Efficiency

Homeschooling is a much heard and practiced concept. Helen Keller, Selena Gomez, Agatha Christie, and The Jonas Brothers are just a few well-known names who have been homeschooled instead of enrolling into traditional schools like everybody else. It is a widely spread notion and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are preferring to homeschool […]

Concept of Happiness

Happiness is such a complex term that it doesn’t have any specific definition as it varies depending on the context. It holds different meanings for every individual. We, humans, have various levels and concepts of happiness in different stages of our lives. Like an infant receiving the right amount of attention and affection, or even […]

The Philosophy of Marxism

The Philosophy of Marxism

Philosophical aspects of certain concepts have always been quite fascinating. This term “philosophy” itself sounds so intellectual and wise no? And why it would not! Philosophy means “love of wisdom”. It is basically the study of widespread and basic questions, like those about reason, knowledge, existence, language and values. These questions are frequently presented as […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Launching a Startup

Launching a Startup

With the huge wave of budding entrepreneurs coming into the startup world, it becomes very important to know that along with your massive career growth it also brings in a lot of challenges. Yes! Launching a startup can be a cumbersome task, and why would it not be? You are all set to create jobs, […]

What is STEM lacking?

STEM Lacking

Over a few years STEM has seen an exponential boom and will continue to witness the same. The world has realised this, and many universities and governments are trying to make students aware and explore these fields. But have you ever wondered why is STEM growing so fast? Why do nations want young minds to […]

A Deep Dive into India’s Competitive Exam

Indian Competitive Exams

India is the hub of competitive examinations. Every year many competitive exams are conducted to test the eligibility of the candidates and a huge number of aspirants appear for the same. Roughly more than 30 competitive exams are conducted in India. However, the most talked-about and considered to be the toughest ones are UPSC, JEE […]

World after Metaverse

World after Metaverse

The origin of the term “metaverse” came from a 1992 novel “Snow Crash”, which portrays a virtual reality world where everyone works, plays and shops. Well! Going back to the 1970s when the internet was merely a concept and was the talk of the town. It was in the process of being created, but no […]

Time Travel: Explanation and Instances

Time Travel Explanation And Instances

Time Travel is a concept that has always fascinated people and has left everybody scratching their heads wondering if this is possible or not. Well! Time Travel has occupied a substantial place in fiction for quite a long time. You must have read various books or even watched movies that talk about the concept of […]