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Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle includes living with limited resources whether in terms of a house or possessions. It is a part of the thought process of how a person prefers to live with all the minimal things in life and yet be gratified. A minimalist lifestyle is by no means an extreme lifestyle but rather an optimal one.

  1. Freedom – The desires of worldly things somehow tie us down. People are always frightened of losing things they love. When you’re a minimalist, you let it go and you experience freedom like never before. It can be freed from greed, debt, dependence, and overworking. I believe freedom is something, which is achievable only when you free yourself from the bonds of unnecessary aspects of life. Confidence is within you, you just need to find it through the right means. 
  2. You can focus on your health and hobbies – When you start devoting less time to worldly things, you get time for the things you never had time for. You can do whatever you like with the time in your hand. You can revisit the hobbies you’ve left and the health you ignored. 
  3. Less Focus on Materialistic things – All the stuff people surround themselves with, is merely a distraction, a distraction from the reality of Loss. When you stop feeling the need for material possessions, you start to value the things money can’t buy. And with this mindset you won’t need worldly stuff to make you happy, you would need comfort and satisfaction. 
  4. Confidence – You feel more confident when you are not dependent on anything for your living, a minimalist lifestyle gives you a sense of confidence and self-reliance. And confidence is something that enhances the liberty to feel joy.
  5. No fear of failure – Generally, people fear losing the worldly possession that they own, but once you’re content with whatever little you’ve then you won’t be attached to such pleasures, there won’t be any fear of failure for you. If you see monks, they have no fear of failure because they know that nothing lasts eventually.
  6. Less Stress – When you don’t have the attachment to temporary and materialistic things, you somehow feel stress-free. All the stress is caused by wanting more and the fear of losing it. When you will eradicate these fears, you will be left with a minimal amount of stress.
  7. More Productivity – The possessions you own consume your time and energy the most, when you leave the will to acquire them, you can do whatever you love with utmost productivity and satisfaction. If you get to witness more productivity, then you can work more efficiently as well. And I think everyone can become highly productive if the person invests his/her productivity in the right direction, instead of being fantasized about worldly pleasures.


A minimalist lifestyle not only helps you in being content with the way you live but also highly influences your mental health in all positive ways. Being minimalist is a choice, but when it is made, it is worth the attention and acceptance of the mind. The minimalist lifestyle can also advocate the idea that we barely need anything in life except for love and affection.

According to me, it is equally important to know what can be achieved by the minimalist lifestyle approach.


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