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Achieving Success

What if I say “Success is overrated “? Will you be able to acknowledge this argument? The last time you heard the word success might come from the words of your teacher, parents, or maybe Sharma aunty would have bragged about his son’s success story. 

So what exactly does achieving success mean?

All the Success stories have tainted the image of success.

For us, success has become the mode of showing off the privileges we could attain.

Success is about having a big bungalow of your own, owning the car keys, having a sufficient amount of bank balance, being able to host the dinner at a restaurant, etc. 

And there is no doubt that these things offer a mark of success to us. But what I usually ponder upon is something which is the unconventional notion of success.

Let’s take the case of academia, every educational institute promotes the idea of success and nobody exactly tells us what it looks like. Just the good scores/marks? I don’t acknowledge that only good scores can assure you of a successful career. Success is more dependent on knowledge. I believe if someone has gained a certain level of knowledge and applied it for the welfare of the society, keeping a satisfactory life for himself, then the person has achieved success in his life.

I have come to realize that success isn’t defined by money or job status. Success simply means that you are showing up, striving to move forward, and are open to the self-growth process. In my opinion, if you do that you are successful.

Everyone has a different definition of success themselves, just like we’ve different definitions for Love.

Success has no deadlines, you achieve it sometimes predictably and sometimes unpredictably. 

Let us read ahead how it is different for everyone.

According to Maya Angelou

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

At the same time, Henry David Thoreau says, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

If Dale Carnegie says, “You’ll never achieve real success unless you like what you’re doing.”, then Oscar Wilde defines success saying, “Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”

Success can consist of abstract things, it can be concrete too. Bringing a smile to someone’s face can be called a success, and taking your mother to the most expensive restaurant can be termed a success too.

Achieving success can be way too difficult, and it can be a cakewalk too. All these scenarios depend on what kind of definition you have for the term “Success”. Failure can be turned into a great success story giving you satisfaction or success can be converted to failure for some. It’s not just about money, sometimes it is about satisfaction.

It’s logically impossible for us to define it in its proper form. We never know what life has to offer us. 

You might be a little confused right now, let me make it easier for you. Instead of reading others’ definitions of Success, why not create your own?

Explore, create and then define.

Stop going for those eye-catching thumbnails showing “Achieve success in 5 minutes”, or “how to become successful”, rather than introspect about the ‘success’ for you.

You may not find it immediately, but you’ll find it. Just keep motivating yourself to excavate the notion of success from the depth of already given theories. 

Till then, you can explore the meaning of success that is suitable for you, or you can discover your version of it.

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