Psychology in Workplace

You are working hard and getting drained with work, or you’re facing issues regarding the behavior of your colleagues with you. All such issues come under organizational psychology or in layman’s terms, workplace psychology. Now we know that Psychology in the workplace is the subject matter of Industrial and organizational Psychology. In today’s hectic life, […]

Materialism and Society

How much has the world changed in the last century? How much has technological advancement reshaped our lifestyles, and has made them comfortable? What motivated the industrial revolution in Great Britain that began in the 1760s? How would our society have been without the advancement of science and knowledge?    Materialism, the belief in the importance […]

How to Break a Habit

” Every child is special. Kota me IIT ki taiyaari krne aaya hai, toh pehle apni aadatein badal. Mess ka khana achha nhi lagrha? Ghar ki yaad aarhi? Padhai nhi kiya jarha? Ye problems har saal hazaro bachcho ke sath hoti hai. Tujhe kuchh ban na hai toh tu challenge accept krr. Mess ka khana […]

Is Respect Earned or Deserved?

Respect is a broad concept that refers to the appreciation of each person’s inherent worth. As a result, allowing humans to exercise autonomy and make their own decisions is critical, as is a dedication to wellbeing, above and beyond. Respect necessitates the prior understanding of and consideration for persons involved in the research’s culture, values, […]

Racism and Its Effect on Mental Health

Injustice in the “justice system”. Ed Johnson, a young black African American man, was murdered by a lynch mob in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, on March 19, 1906. He had been sentenced to death for the rape of Nevada Taylor, but a stay of execution had been given by Justice John Marshall Harlan of […]

Why to Quit?

As we go about our lives, we’re continually reminded of why giving up isn’t an option and what to do if you’re on the verge of giving up, but what if what you’re doing is consuming too much of your time and effort while providing no joy or satisfaction? What if it’s merely causing you […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Launching a Startup

Launching a Startup

With the huge wave of budding entrepreneurs coming into the startup world, it becomes very important to know that along with your massive career growth it also brings in a lot of challenges. Yes! Launching a startup can be a cumbersome task, and why would it not be? You are all set to create jobs, […]

Why Are Schools in Finland So Successful?

Successful School in Finland

Finland has been the very focus of success in the field of schooling and in the education world since it ranked first in an international test known as PISA, or Program for International Student Assessment, in the early 2000s, despite all odds. Thousands of people have visited the country to learn how to enhance their […]

What is STEM lacking?

STEM Lacking

Over a few years STEM has seen an exponential boom and will continue to witness the same. The world has realised this, and many universities and governments are trying to make students aware and explore these fields. But have you ever wondered why is STEM growing so fast? Why do nations want young minds to […]

The Need to Reinvent Education

Reinvent Education

School is an institution of thought and nurturing, one that guides a student through how what and why of the sciences that govern us and the world affairs that dictate us. A right-of-the-bat ninth grader, who is introduced to the three musketeers of science- biology, chemistry & physics, finds himself in a dilemma most of […]