Psychology in Workplace

You are working hard and getting drained with work, or you’re facing issues regarding the behavior of your colleagues with you. All such issues come under organizational psychology or in layman’s terms, workplace psychology. Now we know that Psychology in the workplace is the subject matter of Industrial and organizational Psychology. In today’s hectic life, […]

Achieving Success

What if I say “Success is overrated “? Will you be able to acknowledge this argument? The last time you heard the word success might come from the words of your teacher, parents, or maybe Sharma aunty would have bragged about his son’s success story.  So what exactly does achieving success mean? All the Success […]

Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle includes living with limited resources whether in terms of a house or possessions. It is a part of the thought process of how a person prefers to live with all the minimal things in life and yet be gratified. A minimalist lifestyle is by no means an extreme lifestyle but rather an […]

Hope is a Decision

Someone recommended to me a collection of essays named “Hope is a decision” by Daisaku Ikeda and it framed a question in my mind, is hope a decision? Dictionary states that hope is desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment or to want something to happen or be true. But what exactly is […]

Illusion of Freedom

How many times have we wished we could control our feelings or perhaps just be able to lessen the severity of our pain? How many times have we wished we could walk another mile yet been limited by our legs? Or longed to eat more of a delicious meal but got constrained by a full […]

How to Help Someone Overcome Trauma

Getting over a traumatising experience is not at all easy, even the thought oft-times seem distant. But while we’re talking about trauma, it’s vital to note that one’s experience of it is subjective. The intensity and even the coping mechanisms vary from person to person depending on one’s personality and prior experiences. It interferes with […]

Romanticism of Mental Trauma

NO, I CAN’T STAND A DISTORTED LINE…I HAVE OCD. DAMN! SHE IS NOT REPLYING TO MY TEXT…IT’S SO DEPRESSING. THE RELATIVES ARE GOING TO BE HOME TONIGHT…AND IT’S GIVING ME ANXIETY. One often thinks that having a mental illness or processing a trauma would make one special and different. Until it all becomes real. The […]

Materialism and Society

How much has the world changed in the last century? How much has technological advancement reshaped our lifestyles, and has made them comfortable? What motivated the industrial revolution in Great Britain that began in the 1760s? How would our society have been without the advancement of science and knowledge?    Materialism, the belief in the importance […]

How to Break a Habit

” Every child is special. Kota me IIT ki taiyaari krne aaya hai, toh pehle apni aadatein badal. Mess ka khana achha nhi lagrha? Ghar ki yaad aarhi? Padhai nhi kiya jarha? Ye problems har saal hazaro bachcho ke sath hoti hai. Tujhe kuchh ban na hai toh tu challenge accept krr. Mess ka khana […]

Origin of Despair

The term despair originates from the Latin word “desperare”, which signifies “down from hope”. The notion of despair in any manner can not only impact an individual but can also emerge and dissipate through social communities. But what leads to despair? What are those factors which push down an individual’s morale and lead to a feeling of […]